Thengumarahada, situated in the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve and also known as the Wildlife Lover’s Paradise.  The Moyar River flows through Thengumarahada.  This forest inside the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve has a jungle safari similar to that of the African Masai Mara and can be the most thrilling of the holidays for true nature and wildlife lovers giving them a chance of spotting tigers and sometimes the most endangered wildlife species.  Thengumarahada jungle safari would be the best place for those looking for untouched wildlife.  Those looking for a quiet holiday can sit on the banks of Moyar River or opt for a coracle ride.  A small walk along the riverside will make the holiday a memorable one.

This place is an avian paradise for bird lovers… ranging from Peacocks to Hoopoe birds and Green bee-eaters ,Black Drongos…… VulturesPenigree Falcons

Thengumarahada ,Standing at an altitude of 1204 feet above mean  sea level and is situated  110 km from Coimbatore, the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve  provides comfortable accommodation constructed within jungle environment, camping within the park is not permitted, to visit the park, we will arrange a safari jeep with driver, for safety reasons, it is essential to take a guide along. The road to Thengumarahada offers a beautiful jungle safari experience to all those who trod upon it.While one side of the road throws an amazing view of the Bhavanisagar dam, the other side is covered with mysterious deep forest. A wide variety of wild animals are seen crossing this road in order to reach the dam and this assortment includes tiger (quite rare), leopard,wild You can marvel at the beautiful herd of Spotted Dear or a Majestic Sambar Deer and then spent a patient hour silently watching a family of elephants , Indian Gaurs ,watching a pack the elusive Asiatic Wild Dogs or  admiring an elusive leopard sunning itself on a rock. Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve  is the home for the  Black Bucks , Indian gaur, Wild pigs, Monitor lizard, Rock Pythons